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Feedback Imperial Style

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Dave, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Dave

    Dave New Member

    I have the Imperial style active on my site now and it's a beautiful style.

    Just a couple of things that I discovered.

    The style doesn't particularly like being fluid, but I managed a workaround and got to where I wanted it to be - I know Forsaken is looking at this now and asked me to mention this here as a reminder :lol:

    The only other thing that I came across was that the Notices animation was not working; the notices rotate but they just simply appear.

    I'm going to poll my members to see if they would like the Xen Book style as a choice - I really do like that style too. Top notch work.
  2. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    Just wanted to mention the reason why Imperial doesn't currently work well with being fluid is the navigation; due to the way I did the pressed look for the navlinks and the sides of the navigation, it required being fixed width to get the right border's to work properly.
  3. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors Member

    Any suspected change on this in the future?
  4. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    Actually, there might be... I just had an idea right this instant of how to do it, though it would use an image instead of CSS.

    Any new changes won't arrive for a week or two at least, as I want to finish up a current client, then work a bit more on the next version of the framework (Mostly an update and a few fixes for non-major things).
  5. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors Member

    I'm sure there would be away to customize anything with CSS alone.
  6. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    The style isn't truly limited, the issue is more nitpicking on my part. If you look at the corner of the navigation, you'll see how it has the slight pressed look added by the borders. The limitation is that it has to be fixed width to line up properly (You can easily change the width as I use a xen:calc conditional) and you can make it fluid, the borders just do not line up as the design assumes you are using a fixed width style (A few people have done this). Most people probably do not care about the minor detail, but it bugs me which is why I shipped as fixed width only.

    I'm looking at another way of doing what I want, but if I cannot come up with one, I'll probably change it to the method I was considering before.
  7. gaz492

    gaz492 New Member

    Could you add support for the add on XenPorta but over all a very nice theme
  8. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    A fix is added for fixing the sidebar with XenPorta, but I have no intentions of supporting any of Jaxels work due to his attitude towards making things easier for designers/developers.

    For example, the sidebar issue where it collapses the content (Due to him misusing the sidebar class for blocks) has been known to him since he initially released XenPorta, but he's never made any move to work with Xenstyles (Previously Themesinc), the Sidebar Collapse add-on author, or myself in fixing the issue. He also did a rewrite in which he could have changed the block syntax to alleviate the issue.

    I did change a few style properties that should make it look more uniform with the default XenForo design, so hopefully that fixes the issues that come up. I will help out with any issues, I just do not plan on supporting his stuff in released styles by default.
  9. Badboy

    Badboy Member

    I just want to say, that Imperial is the best XenForo Style i have ever seen, and the Xenique Framework is also outstanding. Too bad that the Framwork is not included in the Cool Front Style.

    PS: Are you working on new Styles?
  10. TheVisitors

    TheVisitors Member

    I think Jaxel did a good job on XenPorta to the extent of releasing it freely, but with this said.... I resolved so many problems (an unrealistic amount) by simply removing it.
  11. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    I have a few styles planned/in various states of completion, but no eta due to waiting to see how things pan out with XenForo.
  12. Mike

    Mike Member

    More efficient use of space at the top of the page would be helpful. An aspect ratio of 3:4 (height: width) used to be standard for monitors (e.g. 480:640, 600:800, 768:1024) but as even cheap laptop screens have become quite wide that's no longer true. My current $400 Acer has an aspect ration of not quite 1:2 (768:1366). I get negative vibes when members have to scroll down to see anything useful. It gets worse on sites that need to run ads.

    Imperial is very nice once you are down into a page.
  13. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    There are ways to fix the amount of space that is used; use a smaller logo, remove the userbox (Simple toggle option in the style properties), and remove the additional padding. You could also modify the height of the navigation, though it will require messing around with the options to get it just right.