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Best Way To Install & Upgrade Skins?

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Mike, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Mike

    Mike Member

    I have several pending upgrades to do (XF & skins). For add-ons we can choose either "install" or "update", but for skins there seems only to be "install" (optionally with parent and/or on top of another style).

    After I update XF, what is the best way to update the style?

    Forum 1:
    • XF 1.0.4 (vanilla), updating to XF 1.1.3
    • DXF, no parent
    • Is there an advantage to removing & re-installing DXF with the default style as a parent?
    • This particular forum is unlikely ever to have substantial template modifications, if any
    Forum 2:
    • XF 1.0.4 (lots of template mods to support ads, most but not all are in the ad templates), updating to XF 1.1.3
    • Blush (no parent)
    • The ads were added after Blush was installed & selected, so I presume they are only present with blush?
    • How to upgrade XF & Blush without disturbing the ads? This particular site funds my hobby ...
    Forum 3:
    • XF 1.1.2, already has same template mods to support ads & some other stuff, no XF upgrade planned for now
    • Skin: Just purchased XenBook
    • I presume I should install XenBook with default style as parent? Will this keep all or most of the ad changes?
    • #2 in ad income, #1 in registered users (I'll hear from them if I screw up)
    Forum 4:
    • Pending conversion from vBulletin
    • Will be on XF 1.1.3 with ad mods
    • Skin to be determined, probably one of { DXF, XenBook, CoolFront }
    • Similar situation to forum 3 except that ad mods haven't been made yet.
    • Best way to install things & make the ad mods for long-term maintainability? Better to install skin first, then make ad mods? In this situation, since the nothing exists yet, is there an advantage to installing the skin with the default style as parent?
    Whatever I do I will probably get it to work this time around. I am most concerned with doing it so as to not cause problems for myself the next time I have to upgrade.
  2. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    As you're interested in buying xenBook possibly, I'll include that in the examples. For styles that don't use it (Though they can still be installed under it to get benefits from the framework) just ignore that portion.

    The best way I've found to make themes stable, and easy to upgrade, as well as keep your edits is to do a tiered approach:

    Xenique Style Framework (Never edit)
    - xenBook (Do not edit)
    --- Child Style (This is used for edits)

    The framework should never be edited so as to keep compatibility to all future versions. I also do not suggest a child style other than the base style you will be using, as that can also cause issues as those will still need to be updated. This should be installed separately from the default theme.

    The base style (xenBook, Blush, Cool Front, DXF) should remain pristine as well, to remain futureproof for updates and edits.

    The child style is what you should be editing, as it'll allow futureproofing of other styles, and we leave extra.css clean for you in our styles (Unless they're not using the framework). Any modifications to add ads should be done on this style.

    Another option is to use the addon Template Modification System, though I have found issues with it, and it still requires editing the template modifications. Most of the issues I had had to do with exporting styles that use the framework, I assume due to the amount of style properties that we use.

    To update styles, you have to choose the overwrite option when you import the style.
  3. Mike

    Mike Member

    For XenBook I was offered two sets of downloads, Framework 1.1.1 and XenBook 1.0.4.

    Better instructions for how to handle both would be helpful. File style-Xenique-Style-Framework.xml in Framework 1.1.1 has no version # but last edit date is newer.

    After spending about 45 minutes looking at the files I concluded that the proper installation is:
    1. Upload all files from XenBook 1.0.4
    2. Install Framework add-on with XML from Framework 1.1.1
    3. Install Framework style with XML from Framework 1.1.1
    4. Install XenBook style from style-xenBook.xml in Xenbook 1.0.4
    5. Ignore style-xenBook-(Fixed).xml in XenBook 1.0.4 since I want the fluid version.

    Forgot to click "post reply" on this earlier but I waded in about 3.5 hours ago. So far only a couple minor issues/conflicts with the style.

    XenBook is growing on me (have also been using it on xenique.com the last couple days).
  4. Forsaken

    Forsaken Staff Member

    The Framework is just an update to make it compatible with the latest versions of XenForo. When we get the storefront update updates will be a lot cleaner as the framework and style will be separated, and you'll have a separate license for each (Which will make life easier for all of us).

    And yeah, that was the proper install order (I'll upload a new archive with the full package later this week so things are easier as well).

    If you have anything you need help with, feel free to post it in the client support forum. I try to check the forum several times throughout the day, so you should get an answer within 24 hours or less.
  5. Mike

    Mike Member

    Thanks, and ~12 hours later I'm done. :beer:

    I have a list of issues (2 medium severity, rest minor) I'll post on the xenBook thread later.

    None need fixing any time soon, I'm quite satisfied with what I have at this point. :)
  6. Zalo

    Zalo New Member

    arrh.. There are still some issues after importing this style. Logo image is broken, forum thumbnails (nodeIcon) are missing, the small rss buttons are missing and the background image is missing to.
  7. Zalo

    Zalo New Member

    Solved. Thanks once more :beer: