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  1. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    This isn't something I'll do just because you're going from a monochrome gradient style to one that would be mixing gradients, which makes it a lot more difficult to balance out. Also red would be a difficult match with the color used in the base style.
  2. Badboy Xenique Customer

  3. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    Go to Xenique - User Box in the style properties, and disable the first option.
  4. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    A fluid and fixed width version will be released later tonight (Meant to do so earlier but got sidetracked working on a new style).
  5. TheVisitors Member

    ... checks store.... paypal only.... :sad:
  6. TheVisitors Member 2012-7-31 0:43:56.png

    You should fix that ;)
  7. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    I have a Google Checkout account setup in case we get support for it in the cart. I'd offer to sell you the style now, the issue would be that I can't manually add you as a customer until after the next release of the cart, so I would have to maintain your style directly.
  8. TheVisitors Member

    This is very good news :thumb:

    I'll wait for you to be able to manually add me though. I like to know I'm "on record" some place.
  9. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    You would still be on record, I would just be sending you the files through a PC (I have to do so with older customers who are not yet in the new system).

    The update isn't due until December or January, so it'll be a long wait.

    Also, the change to the online ribbon will be in 1.2.0 of the Framework (The float declaration is causing the issue).
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  10. Badboy Xenique Customer


    I have the same Proplem, but only when my Status is Invisible. Is there a Fix or something?
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  11. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    Yeah, in Xenique - Message Extra's (I think) remove the float:; declaration from the style property, which is causing that issue.

    It's fixed in the next update of the Framework, but that probably will not roll out until I release the new color variations of the styles.
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  12. principia Member

    1. is it possible to hide the UserMessageBox?
    2. can I change the textcolour from orange to white (easy) ? (At the moment i am using a white/blue style and if i use imperial i want to change not so much to the old style.
    3. is it possible to change the background colour (for me ist to dark)
    4. or are you planning another new light style? ;)

    btw. nice style
  13. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    1. You can disable the message user box in Xenique - User Box (Towards the bottom of the style properties).
    2. You should be able to change the text color easily, though you might need to manually modify link colors.
    3. You would just need to change the background property in HTML or Body under general properties.
    4. I'm probably going to start this style soon:
  14. principia Member

    Thank you very much. Will buy it when you update the framework. (i am not in hurry)

    The new style for me is to purple and glossy :whistle:
    If i can change the colour from imperial to what i have in sense its great for me.
  15. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    While the plan is to allow easier changes in color for Imperial, it isn't going to be as simple as switching out colors.

    With Octane, I moved all of the gradients to their own style property, and you will need to copy and paste the CSS to to modify the gradient.

    I also have some alternative color Imperials planned as well (needed to get Octane done though).
  16. principia Member

    Sounds nice. I only need a simple blue with white text and light grey backgrund. Nothing spectacular.
    heres my site ( using your framework with a style from Qwk86gn)
    I can wait.
  17. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    Oh, and the glossyness won't change, but the plan is to allow easy color switching for XenSleek.
  18. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    If you mean just the navigation links needing to be white, you can do that fairly easily in the style properties (Xenique - Navigation Tabs).
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  19. Blef New Member

    Hello. Where you can find a plugin that moves the box user in the header?
    I apologize for my English.
  20. Forsaken Smartass Brat

    This is something that is only in our framework, and I don't think anyone else has done it other than us.

    The framework comes with most of our style purchases (With the exception of Cool Yule/Cool Front).